OU Vase

OU Vase


OU Vase


This hand made Ceramic vase works really well when placing on a shelf or worktop.


Pair it with a fresh eucalyptus twig, pampas grass for a lively and dynamic look when placed on the window sill or bookshelf.


Combine with other hand-made vases from the same MICASA ceramic collection to create a clean, minimalist look.


  • Shipping & Return

    Shipping times may vary, Your order will be shipped 1-3 days after receiving the order confirmation email, once Shipping Confirmation is received, there is a 5-10 business days lead time however due to the current global pandemic, a lengthier wait is expected.

    Please do not hesitate to contact if any queries with regards to your recently placed order.

    We do not accept returns, however, if the vase arrives damaged, do get in touch via our email or contact form.

  • Care Instructions

    Clean the pots outside with a dry cloth. Avoid getting water on the outside of the pot as this can damage the surface.

  • Product Background

    We believe that greater transparency will help lead the change towards a more sustainable future. As a step in this long-term commitment, we’re sharing how and where our products are made wherever possible.


    Ceramic / Porcelain

    All our products are made by independent suppliers. We only work with partners who share our respect for people and the environment, and who are willing to work with us to improve their practices.